3G Resins is a Portuguese company created in 2008 whose headquarters and industrial unit are located in Vieira do Minho, Braga district.

It is a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of thermoplastic resin products for interior and exterior furniture, utilities and leisure, which has been widely recognized for the diversity and quality of its products.

The company emerged from the entrepreneurial and proactive capacity of its founder, Gilberto Ribeiro, Eng. De Polímeros, who developed throughout his academic and professional career a broad know-how and a set of competences that allowed him a deep knowledge Of this sector of activity. Having passed through renowned companies, the entrepreneur put all his knowledge to the service of a focused business project, trying to design an agile, competitive, efficient and dynamic business model.

At the beginning and during the first years of activity, the company mobilized much of its resources for the strong capacity of its industrial unit in both operational and technological terms.

From the point of view of the installations, the company has undergone significant changes over time, currently having its own infrastructures that guarantee the feasibility of the tasks that are proposed to carry out from the production to the exercise of all the logistics and customer service.

With regard to technological qualification, it can be characterized as being a technologically advanced company, which has always focused on the acquisition of new technologies. At the moment, it has a diversified range of equipment, from the production, accessories and the measuring and monitoring equipment that have allowed you high efficiency gains as well as allowing you to have a fast and objective relationship with all interested parties, from your employees , Customers and suppliers.

Thus, based on a business with solid technical and technological bases, a productive and optimized workflow and a diversified product portfolio, the company's strategy is to continue its growth, focusing on differentiation and internationalization for new markets.


3G Resins is a company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of plastic products for outdoor and indoor furniture, for professional and domestic use.

3G Resins, focused on values ​​of excellence, dedication, transparency, appreciation of people and sustainability, works for the quality of its products in a logic of continuous improvement, aiming at the permanent satisfaction of its customers.

3G Resins aims to be a reference in the supply of plastic products for interior and exterior furniture, utilities and leisure, being recognized for the excellence and quality of its products in the international market.


Quality Policy and Objectives

The management of 3G Resins, aware of the extreme importance of efficient and efficient management of its resources and having the client as a point of convergence of all efforts, has defined the Quality Policy that should guide it in the accomplishment of its Mission and Vision.
Here are the commitments:
  • Stimulate the capacities and skills of its employees, investing in training and promoting their participation, involvement and commitment to the Management System;
  • Implement a culture of exigency, rigor and commitment among employees;
  • Optimize the production process in order to reduce non-compliant products;
  • Ensure product reliability and achieve customer satisfaction and confidence;
  • Customize the service provided to the clients, taking into account the specificity of their needs;
  • Manage the organization in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System and its improvement;
  • Continuously improve the Management System.

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